You Love Your Work When You Find Your Niche

Ever fallen in love? Yes? Isn’t love the greatest emotion to feel. You don’t want it to end. Ever. If it’s a crush, it’s still great but if what starts as a crush becomes a love affair, for life, that’s just the best it can get. Okay, here’s today’s trick question. Ever fallen in love with work? We do our best work when we get in the zone. That experience is so amazing one wishes it would last forever, and everyone should have that experience. Forever. Now, wouldn’t that make the world an awesome place! We’ve got some great news today. This? Well it can happen. A lot of people have done it and so can you.

Let’s break it down into smaller, more manageable parts.

First, getting in the zone oneself. Second, staying in the zone. Third, staying in the zone forever. This is personal — between you and yourself. And it requires what we call personal leadership. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered and we’ll get to this part eventually. After all, this is where it starts. With you. Let’s view the next piece of the puzzle. How do you scale this — how do you go from being one person forever in the zone to a team of many people, everyone getting into and staying in the zone, forever? That’s people leadership and it’s only a slightly different ballgame than personal leadership. You want to know what connects the two? A shared vision, mission, objectives, strategy, and tactics — in short, business. That’s what a business is truly really all about.

How would one fall in love with work in the first place? Just like love starts with the need for affection, a need instinctive to all humans, loveable work needs to start with a similarly instinctive need, a genuine need to serve. To serve people with a genuine need to be served. Once you identify this need, your instincts naturally align with it and it becomes your cause, your calling, your purpose in life. This is the loveliest part. Welcome to the zone. Now, how do you stay in the zone? Something’s got to pay the bills that kept coming in while you were in the zone. How do you plan to sustain? No one said staying in the zone was going to be easy. It’s fun but it’s not easy. Not unless you figure out a revenue model. There’s always a way, it just needs some careful planning, and talking to experienced people is usually the fastest way to get to a revenue model that can help you stay in the zone you have come to love so much now.

Now, how do you stay in the zone forever? Well, you need to make it your life. Literally. By that we mean let it become your world — full with friends you’d like to hang out with while keeping at your mission. Let there be no outside, let there be unity of purpose, of existence, of meaning. Get like minded people to come together and build the culture you want. Build culture together — write, sing, act, play, dance, dine, make art — do all things culture. And when enough people do it together and do it well, it becomes easier, faster, and more fun to take your vision to the rest of the world.

Now, how do you keep everyone in the zone forever? That’s really about the intensity of the culture you build. And culture is a shared property, built together, to fulfil needs that are common to the people coming together around that need. The need to serve. So, effectively, intensity of culture = intensity of need = genuineness of need. With genuineness, faking love with work will be very difficult. It boils down to choosing your need to serve carefully. It’s what we call finding your Niche.

At Niche, we help people find their cause, we counsel entrepreneurs to align their instincts with the cause, we act as mentors to retain and grow the alignment, we translate this alignment into a business and revenue model through our VMOST framework (vision, mission, objectives, strategy, tactics), we give the vision an identity in the shape of a brand with a rationale and an evolutionary story, we bring the vision to live in the real world, we build a loyal community of followers, users and customers through marketing, we grow and scale the vision into a mission through superior management capabilities enhanced by robust technology. All the while keeping it within comfortable reach of the every day hero. Because the world needs more every day heroes to keep making the world a slightly better place every day. Every day counts.

When are you starting? Let’s talk.

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We are 360 Degree brand Management Agency

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Niche Business Solutions

Niche Business Solutions

We are 360 Degree brand Management Agency

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